Wedding Invitations

(Totally unsponsored & unprompted post! I just really like these invites and it shocked me!)

I was on VistaPrint yesterday just looking around. I’ve been thinking about getting “calling cards” again just because I have this thing about beautiful design and they serve a useful purpose. Besides anything that allows me to be lazier is a plus! But I digress. When I saw that they now offer wedding invitations I was suprised. Really? From VistaPrint?! I mean I guess it makes sense but I had no idea. These are the guys that do business cards after all! I’ve always been impressed with their quality in the past so I would think wedding invites would be no different.  Even though I’m not getting married anytime soon (but the boyfriend’s sister is in August!) I decided to take a look around at some of the pretties. Like I said I have a thing for beautiful design. And, wow, some of them are just gorgeous! Sadly they had a lot of those “2 rings tied together” or “falling hearts” or “wedding couple in an embrace” kind of invites. Those I hate. I like good design. So on that note some of them that I just loved (and most of them have other color options for the design so your not stuck with the colors shown here):

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Las Vegas themed
Black and White Peacock
Peacock Feather
Solid Red with a pattern
Orange and Red Splats

Tree with Initial

Half Moon patterns

But my absolute favorite is just that sort of card where people would actually design a wedding around the invites…frankly I’d look for an excuse to use this set too!
Carnival Invite
Save the DateRSVP CardReception CardWedding Announcement
So much potential in all these cards! So many ways you can use them other than what’s being shown as most of them are totally customizable.
Interestingly there is no program for this set (not that I could find anyway) but the menu card could be reworked very easily for that. There are also thank you cards too if you wanted to go all the way.

And there are several different color choices for this one too.

Just watch the cost. At $7.99 for 10 cards on EACH one of these designs it would add up very quickly! They have some amazing package deals though (including this Carnival Design)!