Funniest Birth Announcement EVAH!

I have been trolling the message boards at Two Peas in a Bucket for over 4 years now. Those ladies got me through my divorce (whether they know it or not) and through many other things in my life. They are always there as a sounding board, for good advice and bad. And frankly the NSBR board is perfect to just kill time.

Tonight someone posted a request looking for the funniest birth announcement ever. This is 2Peas history, legend, and has been joked about many times since it was posted over 3 years ago. Yes, this is a very real birth announcement. It has been sworn up and down many times over the years that it is very very real. And I am posting it here solely for my own amusement and so I can find it again if I want it! Without further ado – the 2 Peas legendary birth announcement.

The Deliciously Divine Diva, Denicia Devine D****** is proud to announce the appearance of her newest set of twins. The boy/girl twins were born June 19th at 7:12 and 7:15 p.m. She has bestowed the name of Quartz onto the little girl and the name Courts to the little boy. The names have great meaning to Denicia Devine, she believes that the father of the twins is a NBA basketball star that she met in Las Vegas. He wined and dined her and took her to a jewelry store and let her pick out her own quartz necklace that she wears daily. Ms. D******* has seven other children by various other gentleman, some famous. There is Donavion, Duvuellen, Smithsonian, Jasmine, Vaquarious, Aquarius, and John. If you would like to congratulate the new Mom with a gift or cash she will be staying at her Mother’s house at XXXXXXXXXXXX until she can find adequate well priced housing for her and her kids. Due to legal matters involving DNA she will not be releasing the twins father’s name until all matters are settled in court.


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  1. karmatir says:

    I should add that yes I do remember when this was posted…that was one of those threads that did not die!


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