My Doll Collection – Part 1

Once upon a time I actively collected dolls. Not just any dolls but Cabbage Patch Kids and My Childs. This was a couple years ago and while I still own all of the dolls they are tucked safely into storage. I pretty much stopped collecting about 2004 or so after collecting for about 3 years. I won’t get rid of them. Not yet anyway. They still make me happy even if they live in boxes in the closet.

See the thing is I love dolls. I really love dolls. I still do. That is why on my latest Minneapolis visit I got an American Girl doll – Kaya.


I have wanted Kaya for a long time – ever since she was introduced in 2002. I decided to cash in a birthday present token for this doll – and the boyfriend was willing to comply. And that last visit to an anonymous store in the Mall of America I was talking about was indeed to the entirely pink store. It was a little much for him. He didn’t even want to go near it nevermind going in and paying for something! Eh. He lived 😀 And he got me something I truly love so it’s a win win I guess.

I’ve wanted an American Girl doll even longer than 2002 though and never had one. I love my siblings dearly but they were rather rough on toys when we were kids, especially my sister to dolls. I loved dolls and did take care of them the best a kid could but my sister was very much a “cut off all the hair” and “pop the head off” and even “draw all over it with marker” type. My mother could not justify an expensive doll like an American Girl when she could get me more toys for the same amount of money, especially when they would be damaged anyway. I see her view knowing how many dolls I had that went to toy heaven.

To say I’m not tempted to get Molly or Felicity though would be a massive understatement. Molly was my favorite when I was a kid. I even copied her hula girl Halloween costume the year I was 8. She is also one of the original 3 in the collection. Felicity wasn’t added until 1991. However I can remember how excited I was for her unveiling and I did read her books. Both still hold that place spot in my life when I remember my childhood. And lastly I seem to have a thing for Rebecca too. Very probably because she has some of the coolest accessories.

At any rate I now have one. Only time will tell if I end up buying – or getting gifts – of other American Girl dolls. Right now I have no plans to get anymore but that doesn’t mean I won’t change my mind or that it won’t happen. They are amazing dolls.


Coming up part 2 will cover my Cabbage Patch Kids collection and part 3 will cover my My Childs collection.


One thought on “My Doll Collection – Part 1

  1. When I was a child in the sixties my family and I went on a trip out West. We were allowed one souvenir of our trip and I chose an Indian doll that had a leather fringed and beaded dress, moccasins and headband. I thought she was beautiful and I loved that doll. Wish my mother had been more sentimental about keeping things. On a side note, when the Disney movie Pocahontas first came out they sold a Pocahantas doll that was like a super sized barbie. I bought one for my youngest daughter and made extra clothes and a tepee for it. I have it all packed away now with a Pocahantas book, hoping that a future granddaughter will love playing with it too.

    I really loved dolls as a child, perhaps that is where my obsession with Kokeshi Dolls stems from. If you would like to read a posting I did on Kokeshi dolls, please visit my blog –


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