My New Summer Shoes

I’ve been buying new shoes like mad. I’d like to say it’s because I need them but we all know that isn’t true! Nope it’s just because they have been on sale here and there, I have the money and they are cute. I’m easy like that!

So far though I am not 100% happy with these purchases.

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Those gladiator sandals on top? Difficult to get on as the buckle is clumsy and they make my ankles sweat. Definitely a rainy day shoe.

The bejeweled small wedges I really like. Comfortable. Easy to get on. Pretty. All around the perfect sandal. Very comfortable to walk around in as well.

The black strappy ones I have gotten compliments on every single time I have worn them. Every single time! I wish I was kidding but no. And I don’t mean from people I know I mean random people have walked up to me and said what fabulous shoes and walked off! Yes these were worth it. They are comfortable to wear…I had them on all night at a party last week (5 hours or so and a lot of standing) and my feet were fine. My one and only complaint is that they are difficult to get on. They look like elastic but have absolutely no give at all except for a piece along the back. Once on they are fine though!

And last but not least the yellow wedges. Comfortable that’s for sure. Easy to get on too. But the one issue with these makes them unwearable. The elastic strap on the back slips off and the shoe falls off. I don’t know if it is the design or my foot but either way I can never wear them for long before they have fallen off.

Am I done buying? Not on your life. But for now these are not bad and all are still available.


One thought on “My New Summer Shoes

  1. justapeony says:

    I have the same pair of black wedge sandals! I adore them, and I get compliments as well (not complaining!). Definitely a good buy


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