My Shopping Vacation in Minneapolis: IKEA edition

So very sorry for the absence. But see I was on vacation. And a fun one too! A shopping vacation in Minneapolis! As it was time for a vacation for me (can only take so much stress!) we had tried to come up with a way to spend as little money as possible but still have fun and de-stress. My mom lives only 3 hours (give or take) from Minneapolis and it was going to be time to visit her anyway. So we devised a plan to visit my mom as well as visit Minneapolis and get some shopping in. My thing and not the boyfriend’s thing of course.

So in my part 1 of this vacation series I present IKEA. I *really* wanted to go there since I coveted several items online. Never having been in an IKEA as well as probably not going back to one for awhile I established several “rules”:

  1. Spending approximately $100 – no more – it kept the spending in control
  2. Focus on things that can not be bought online – just in case I do decide to buy something and get it shipped at their outrageous shipping prices
  3. Nothing big and bulky – we only had the boyfriend’s car and no room for big stuff really

Honestly it was not hard to spot IKEA:

view from our hotel room…no really it is – we were that close

I mean really?! BIG BLUE BOX. Yikes.

Getting in was easy, following the marked path on the map as well as the arrows on the floor was all easy. But I never did find everything I had on my “want list”. Several things were just not in the sections I expected them to be or I didn’t see them. Oh well. Good excuse to go again sometime soon.

Sadly this was a living hell for the boyfriend :(. I feel bad about that. I really do. He hates shopping for house stuff. And since there were no electronics to be found he spent time in the restaurant. Eventually getting bored, of course. He hated every minute of the IKEA visit. Every single minute. Sigh. And neither he nor I got a chance to check out the international food stuffs as by then we just wanted to leave. But some Swedish cookies would have been great.

At any rate, without further ado here is what we did buy:

IKEA PS SPRAKA – pepper or spice grinder. One of the main reasons I wanted to go! This is seriously one of the coolest items I have ever seen. And everyone I have shown it to thinks it’s wicked!


LERBERG – simple and plain DVD racks to hang on the wall. I DESPISE clutter and frankly these I think will help with getting rid of all the extra. It’s going to allow me to dump off a crappy record cabinet we’ve been using to store our DVDs. I just hope I bought enough – I’m not home yet so I don’t know.


BOHOLMEN – chopping board. At 1 inch thick and 13 by nearly 18 inches I could not pass this up. Beautiful cutting board. Biggest I have found for the price – only $13!


LÄMPLIG – Large trivet. It’s 20 by 11 inches and frankly amazing size wise for the stuff I cook. I can cool whole pans of enchiladas or pasta on this!


DRÄLLA – plastic bendable chopping boards. Nice size and thicker than the cheapie plastic ones I already had.


HYLLIS – steel shelving cabinet. No idea what I will use this for yet. Hope it comes to me. It holds 55 pounds per shelf and its about shoulder height on us. But at $15 I just know I can find a use for it yet.


TEKLA – cotton dish towels. Can never have enough.


SIGNE – 100% cotton rug. Kitchen rug with just red stripes.


REGOLIT – paper sphere for lamp kit. Going to hang them above my living room end tables for “table” lamps.


HEMMA – lighting kit cord


BEHANDLA – beeswax polish. Was only $0.99 and could not pass it up! I don’t really need it but it could come in very handy someday.


Stay tuned for part 2!


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  1. I’ve never been to an IKEA, I had no idea they sell such simple, convenient items. Now, all I need is an IKEA to move to town. Oh well…:(



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