Linkage Time!

Just a bunch of random links – enjoy!

MWF seeking BFF – about a married (read: adult) woman looking for a best friend. Not as easy as when we were kids. Exactly how I feel…I need a BFF. I’ve been seeking one for some time. It’s hard!! Anyone feel like applying?

Sex and The Austen Girl – from their website: Two women who have inexplicably switched bodies, time periods, and lives — one from Regency England, the other from 21st-century Los Angeles — debate the pros and cons of life and love in today’s world vs. Jane Austen’s world. Inspired by the bestselling novels from Laurie Viera Rigler.

Cell Phones: A Serious Epidemic – posted on No More 3×5′s. Kinda how I feel about my phone – especially the part about dying if I dropped my phone in the toilet as I have NO ONE’S phone number memorized. Sad the times we live in, eh?

T Minus T Plus – plus size fashion blogger. Likes to thrift shop. Right up my alley!

Are Bloggers Getting Stressed – interesting read. Especially the part about having expectations of yourself and not living up to them. That I can agree with. I don’t post nearly as much as I want to. But to quote: “Remember – people will only enjoy your blog as long as you still love it, and getting stressed won’t help anyone – and can make your life miserable”

Everything Everywhere – seriously the best travel photo blog on the planet. No really. Amazing photos that I have to rotate in as my laptop wallpaper all the time.


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  1. Thanks for the link love! This is my firsrt time to your blog and I love it! I esp love that you have the Dr. Who blogger quote up there. I love Dr. Who. 🙂


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