Link: Go Try It On

Heard about this on my local news actually. Yes, weird, but I did.

Go Try It On – honest advice on your look before you go out.

Everyday people, looks for all occasions from every price point just wanting opinions on what they are wearing. It’s actually quite interesting and I’ve been rating people on it since I found out about this website. Some people have fantastic taste, other’s not so much.

One thing I did notice on the website however is all the skinny jeans. Every single person wearing anything even remotely baggy is told to get a skinner jean. Yuck. I *hate* skinny jeans. Every pair of jeans I own is either straight leg or boot cut. Am I as up to the minute as I could be? Nope, but I don’t care. Skinny is not all there is and is certainly not all that is in style right now. /rantover. Ok returning to our regular scheduled program now.


One thought on “Link: Go Try It On

  1. What an interesting website! A great way for me to procrastinate. Thanks for the suggestion! Personally, I really like skinny jeans, specially with boots. But different people find different things that work for them. What matters most is that you are comfortable and confident!


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