11th Anniversary of Columbine Shooting

It’s the 11th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting. This happened just weeks before my high school graduation. That day I had been at a school quiz bowl meet and had no idea what happened til I got home from school.

When I was in kindergarten (and pre-kindergarten) I lived in Littleton, CO. My maternal grandparents had lived their until their deaths. I grew up in Colorado not far from there – about 20 minutes away, give or take. I can’t even begin to imagine it was it was like for people in school that day – both in my hometown and in Littleton.

Shortly after this occurred my brother was hit by a truck while he rode his bike. He ended up severely injured. At the time he was living with my father out in Colorado. So over Memorial Day weekend my mother, sister and I drove out to Colorado to visit. We also decided to visit my grandparent’s graves which are practically next door to Columbine. So, of course, we drove past the school just to see. It looked exactly the same as what had been seen in the newsfeeds, broken windows, the whole lot. The only difference was a chainlink fence keeping people out.

I have never forgotten nor likely ever will.