Passing Along Some Links

Just random links I’ve collected recently:

New York Public Library Digital Library – wow oh wow! The digital images available here. OMG! No really…click it now. Song covers, menus, photos, cigarette cards, all sorts of things…I’ve spent hours looking through this stuff and still haven’t gotten bored.

Man Tested Recipes – yeah the url and name kinda give this one away.’s Workspace Flickr Pool – I can’t remember if I passed this along before, if I have all well.

Design*Sponge – Rachel Thurston – I just love LOVE this design. So modern but mid-century too. And the bottle collection! Beautiful!

Crepe Cake – This looks beautiful and so freaking yummy! I’m making this soon I hope.

Okay not a link…but a very sad video for those Warcraft players out there. I do not miss summoning stones, but still…sniff, sniff