There’s an App for that!

PhotobucketI love my iPhone. I hate AT&T but that is another post for another day.

When I first decided to get the iPhone 3GS last summer I really wasn’t sure about the whole touch screen keyboard issue but honestly after a little practice its very easy to use, even without looking at the phone! Prior to the iPhone purchase I had a cheap flip style phone. I used this phone for everything but phone calls. I used text to find out my bank balance, the calender to keep track of my schedule, the very-basic-and-limited internet to check things, including my email or locations and maps. It didn’t do much beyond make phone calls but I sure used every inch of what it did have. Since my contract was up it was time to make a change to a new phone. I had so coveted the iPhone that there was no other choice.

Now that the iPad has come out I’m very conflicted. I can see the advantages in having a large screen but really I see very little reason to get the iPad since  I have the iPhone. I can not use the iPad as a reader as backlighting gives me migraines (hence the reason I bought my Nook). So besides being bigger and NOT making calls what good is an iPad in an iPhone home?

Anyway this is about the apps not the devices, whichever you pick. When Apple says there is an app for that they mean it! This was the reason I coveted the phone in the first place, of course. The apps make it worth the price…and inconvenience of putting up with AT&T and their craptastic signal. Sure I could have an iPod Touch and carry a separate phone. But the beauty of being able to do everything internet dependent anywhere I want and NOT having to carry that separate device is what got me. Besides in my old apartment I had zero complaints about AT&T, in my new one I can’t get a signal at all. So I either make calls when out and about (where the signal is fine) or use the boyfriend’s cell – ’cause who has home phones anymore?!

So – MOVING ON as I said bitching about AT&T was for another day – what are your favorite apps?

First and foremost I download free ones like they are going out of style so I’m always exploring what’s new out there. I also have no problem paying for cheap ones if they are any good and if I even THINK I might need them. I have pages and pages of apps…most of which I rarely look at or are a waste of space but I haven’t wanted to get rid of them just yet.

My favorites include:

  • Blizzard Authenticator – specific to World of Warcraft players only. Its just a mobile authenticator used as account security. No extra device to use or lose.
  • My bank app – most big banks have their own apps where you can do most things you can do on their website.
  • Facebook – I am an addict. I admit it. But its easy to have on the go.
  • AIM – Again another nice one to have on the go.
  • Y Messenger – see above
  • Line2 – this just hit the big time when it was featured in news stories across the country. I haven’t used it yet but have signed up. They were hacked last week and so are registering new accounts slowly. What it does is it gives you a second “phone line” to use over WiFi. Since I have WiFi but no cell signal in my apartment this is perfect and I can start using my phone again! The drawback seems to be the app must be running or else the person calling gets voicemail instead. I’ll try it for a month after I am signed up and let y’all know.
  • Shazam – I should hope that everyone knows what this one is. It will “listen” to a song for a bit and tell you who it is and what it is called. I use it all the time with the radio since they never seem to want to tell you what a song is.
  • PS Mobile – Photoshop on the go. Helps make pictures…better…basically. Not a bad app at all. Really helps with the terrible pictures the camera takes.
  • AAA Roadside – I’ve used this. It uses your GPS signal to tell AAA where you are. You just have to fill out all the forms and tell them what you need be it a flat tire change, tow, etc. Really works, and frankly since half the time when I’ve needed AAA I have no idea where I am this is MUCH better. If you have AAA get this.
  • Food/recipe apps – All Recipes, Food Network, Whole Foods, Big Oven, Betty Crocker Cookbook, Epicurious, etc. – great recipes, easy to sort, easy to browse, lots of selection and choices. I tend to use these when killing time in a waiting room or something.
  • Flixster – movie times and reviews of out in theater now movies.
  • Run Pee – this is seriously one of the best apps ever created. EVER. It tells you when you can take a bathroom break during a movie (in the theater), how long you have, and what happens while your gone. I’ve been using it since I got my phone, have seen a dozen (or more) movies and frankly its spot on with timing. Just spot on. Great app!
  • ImDb – to solve those “arguments” you inevitably have over dinner or with friends. Or maybe just to satisfy your own brain when its just on the tip.
  • pUniverse – shows you constellations and the night sky. The cool part is that it has a tracking feature which allows you to put your phone in a spot in the sky and it shows you exactly what you are seeing on your phone – basically it makes pin pointing constellations very very easy. Lovely time with the night skies now!
  • Light Saber and Zippo Lighter – both do the same thing, give you that item on the screen to play with. The Light Saber actually makes noise and the Zippo flame can be blown out. Cute mostly.

Games – which rightly so deserve their own list –

  • Price is Right 2010 – so much like the game show…people love this one!
  • Cooking Mama – just like the Nintendo DS game but slightly more involved when you have to tip the phone, etc. Not bad at all.
  • Cake Mania 3 – just like all the others. Especially similar to the DS version.
  • Cooking Dash – another similar one to the DS version.
  • Oregon Trail – yep. I still prefer the Apple 2 version I played in elementary school though. Time consuming.
  • Pocket God – you get to torture little creatures. Strike them with lightening, feed them to the birds, give them earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. Not too bad when your in a “torturing” mood.
  • Four Free, Dots Free, Tic Tac Toe Free, Chess Free, War Free – all from the same people. Basic games like Connect Four, Othello, etc. The boyfriend and I play these a lot while waiting for our food in restaurants or waiting in line. Nice time killer and you can stop at any time.
  • Quadrangle – I have to mention this one since a very good friend of my boyfriend actually developed this game. Its a fun challenge/puzzle game. Once you catch on to what you have to do its a nice challenge.