My Tired Life

Oh how I neglect!

I am rotten that is for sure.

I am constantly thinking of things about my life, about me, that might prove interesting enough (maybe not?!) to post/read. I then proceed to dissect them to death and post nothing as in the end it proves it isn’t interesting enough. On top of all that I am tired. I’m just now getting used to my new schedule and my new life and its exhausting!

In January I moved in with my boyfriend. In February I switched hours from 6 pm to 6 am (aka nights) to 6am to 6 pm (aka days) on slightly different days than what I was working. And next week is my 29th birthday. It doesn’t mean I’m old by any means, just not exactly as springy as I used to be so some things get harder and harder – like needing more sleep than before. Sigh. In short I’m tired.


Last night I went into my bedroom to make the bed and put away the last bits of laundry that had been freshly washed. My first mistake was laying down on my bed. My second was crawling under the blankets. I fell asleep. At 9 pm. Oy. I didn’t work yesterday. I do not work today. I should have been up til midnight. But there I was passed out just before 9 pm. How tired was I really?

I didn’t get anything done I had intended to do before bed. I was gone.

As a result one thing I have decided to do about this blog has become crystal clear to me. I must post more often. And things besides what I have bought or was given or what have you. Life is more interesting than that. Okay, maybe not mine, but life in general is. And that includes more photos. There are some talented individuals out there, myself excluded of course. And for some reason I feel like a post full of words but no graphics is, um, boring. Time to liven things up if that helps me post more.

So come on life, I’m tired of being tired…bring me something to enjoy! Its time to start see more and doing more. I’m not yet 30 but I’m going to live up my last year of my 20s.


2 thoughts on “My Tired Life

  1. mom says:

    And I liked the food and cookbook posts. I know it’s been done, but it’s still good reading. Also you have a great talent for finding good books and movies and being able to write a decent review. And you have a good eye for design and again finding interesting things along the way. Just sayin’…
    If I’m going to live vicariously through you you’re gonna have to kick it up a notch 😉


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