A Beautiful Birthday Gift

I’m visiting my mom in Spencer, IA for a couple days and helping with a few odds and ends. One of those ends was to get something laminated. They just so happen to have a Staples here so off we trucked. Since this procedure takes awhile, and I didn’t feel like waiting I trudged off into the store just too look at pens, paper and notebooks. My biggest weaknesses.

I came upon something wonderful –


A Cross fountain pen. A $40 fountain pen made by possibly the best pen manufacturer in the world.

My biggest weakness in life, besides good food and pretty jewelry are fountain pens. I love the thick ink flow (only a Sharpie has that same thickness IMO). I love the old fashioned-ness/vintage feel of it. I love what you can do with fountain pen ink. I love the nibs. I just love fountain pens in all their glory!

I got my first one (Parker) when I was 13 (I think?) from my aunt. Boy she gives great gifts! Anyway I’ve been in love with them ever since. I buy cheap one after cheap one until either the pen breaks or I can no longer find cartridges. Usually the former and not so much the latter. Cheap pens are just cheap pens. But a Cross has a lifetime warranty – on everything except the nib anyway. Since that has NEVER been a problem for me and the main issue has ALWAYS been a cracked pen body I feel comfortable with this.

I was hemming and hawing about getting it though. I mean $40 on a PEN!? REALLY?!?! My mom though knows how much I love them. How deep that love is. So she bought it for me as a birthday gift along with some ink.

Mom – you rock! You give me some amazing gifts and your very very good at it!


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