I think I could do this…

So I was browsing at Anthropologie yesterday just because I haven’t been in there in awhile. When I spotted this lamp:



This seems like a very simple fix for a very ugly – but with nice lines – kind of lamp. You could make it any color you wanted just by choosing and wrapping the correct fabric. I wonder how much work this could really be though. I’ve never tackled anything like this before. But I have two rather hideous lamps that I hate in my living room. I only use them because I haven’t fallen in love with any new lamps to take their place.


I’m going to think about trying. Just THINK for now. I don’t want to ruin the ugly lamps any further as frankly, at least now, they blend in, if I ruin them with a bad job or glue or whatever then they will no longer just blend away.


One thought on “I think I could do this…

  1. I think this is a great idea, and actually I think you could do it better than the one you saw. It looks pretty piece-meal, which would be cool in a patchwork fashion if you had a few fabrics to use. But as one patterned fabric I think you could do it smoother. Just sayin’…


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