What’s been Going on…

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile. It’s been a lot to deal with.

After my stepfather’s death I spent the week with my mom helping her finish the sorting out process of his cremation (thankfully my sister was there when it all got “set up” I was just there for the pick-up mostly). As well as just being moral support. My parents had only lived in their new house 10 days before my stepfather passed away so I helped put things away in the house and get some sort of order going – but there is tons more to do and I am 3 hours away.

Upon my return home I had work to contend with. Next thing I knew it was Saturday March 6 and the day of my stepfather’s funeral. He was a devout Mormon and as such the Bishop of his Ward (here in Omaha) was able to arrange a beautiful service for him. Something I know he would have liked. The Church was lovely, absolutely amazing and never an unkind word from me.

The past month (or so) has just been nuts. Moving to a new apartment, moving in with the boyfriend, changing hours at work (from working nights to days after nearly 10 years on nights), having the boyfriend start work again after months of unemployment (and me being used to having him around), my mother moving, then my grandmother and my stepfather both passing. Sigh. I’m ready to take a break. Don’t anyone change anything on me, ok? I need some time to breathe!