“New” Dining Set

I saw this set a week before I ended up buying it. I thought about it all week. I loved the table, didn’t love – just liked – the chairs and knew that it was slightly too brown for my china hutch. It’s at least the same style though. So I thought about it. And thought about. I asked my boyfriend – his answer? “Get it if it’s sturdy.” Sigh. No sense of style or decorating. So I asked my mom. A little prodding here and there and I ended up paying the $50 the thrift store wanted for this complete set (minus any table leaves). Stamped with “Hooker” on the bottom by the way.

Yes, that is my old table against the wall there – haven’t gotten rid of it yet. Its not sturdy at all and falling apart but I don’t know if I want to get rid of it yet. Oh, well, make that decision later.



Yes see the fabric that was on it? Um, yucky, yucky, yucky. So I recovered the chairs in the stripy silk fabric. Do you think it was a good choice? I was trying to get something with multiple colors in it (in case we move and it has its own room or I choose to decorate with a different color scheme) but also retained the “flavor” and style of the original pieces. I hope I did ok. I like it at least. 🙂




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