My Week

I’ve had the kind of week where people don’t believe you when you tell them what happened. Matter of fact I called into work for the week and I don’t think my boss believed me. If I was him I wouldn’t believe me either.

My grandmother passed away on Feb 19 at 11 pm. She was my last living grandparent, the others have been dead 9 years and more.

I’m torn by her death. It’s a very very long story but suffice to say she did not treat me well or kind. It is (was) common knowledge who the favorite in her family was and it was not my father and by extension not me or my siblings either. I never had that kind of relationship with her that I had with my other grandmother. She could be grouchy and nit-picky and terrible. I definitely had a love-hate relationship, leaning more towards hate sometimes. I was just never good enough for her.

At any rate all that aside. She was on life support at the end of last week. She had signed a do not resuscitate order upon checking into the hospital. It was there she had what is assumed to be a stroke. Last Friday my father’s family drove to Lincoln, NE to say good-bye. As much as I may have disliked her, not gotten along with her, etc. I knew I might regret it in the future if I didn’t go. So I went and made peace with her – at least in my heart. Her funeral was today. But since its 3 hours away I didn’t want to go.

Then last night my mother called. My stepfather had fallen down and couldn’t get up. She was at the hospital after calling 911 for him. She hung up and called back shortly thereafter. My stepfather Gary had passed away. The autopsy was this morning and that will have to determine what caused his death. Possibly a heart attack, maybe something else entirely. We will see.

My mother and him just closed on their new house – not 3 weeks ago or so. Next month would have been their 4 year anniversary.

I am going to miss my wonderful stepfather. As far as stepfathers go I got one of the better ones. I feel awful that my mother lost her very best friend.

He is going to be cremated and as of yet I don’t what’s going on with a service. Probably here in Omaha, just not yet I think. Maybe a few weeks.