Tea in the mail!


I adore Teavana! I got this stuff last week and forgot to post it. Sorry about that.

Anyway bought myself loads more tea to sustain me for a few months (year?). There’s Masala Chai, Chamomile, Honeybush Vanilla and Lemon Green. I also picked up another airtight tin to store said teas in as I only have 1. Sure the envelopes are fine – but I like having my tea in tins so I can see it and organize it easier.

Once you have some of their tea you will NEVER buy crap again. There is just something about their teas that does not compare to the regular stuff at the grocery store. Similar to Penzeys for spices I guess. 😉

The only thing is I really probably should have ordered a To-Go tumbler for my tea so I can brew and drink at work. Darn. I’m going to have to do that soon I think. I need my tea!!