My Vintage Gloria Swanson Dress

**I must preface this post by saying this dress is NOT nor EVER WILL BE for sale – I love it too much!!**

This is a Gloria Swanson Forever Young label – probably from the very late 50s based on the style as well as when the line was produced. The top is silk (that lovely old, heavy kind of silk) and the bottom is crepe. It hits just below my knee (I’m just shy of 6’1″) and would hit calf length on a lot of women. It has no pulled strings (looks like one on the silk below but is an errant string in the area not a pulled one) and is in PERFECT condition. Whoever owned this before me took very very good care of it. There is a side zipper (under your right arm) to help with getting it on but that is it. It goes over your head and part of why I can no longer get it on. I was always afraid I’d tear it.


I bought this dress for my senior prom (1999) at a vintage clothing store in Omaha and ended up not going to prom. I’d gone stag the 2 years before (*see note at bottom) and didn’t feel like doing it a 3rd year in a row. I was told by some I would regret it, by others it wasn’t important. Guess what? I *still* don’t care. The only thing I care about is that I never actually got to wear this dress for anything. It wasn’t just some old dress – I wanted it to be special. I am now bigger than I was in high school so it no longer fits (sob sob) but I will continue to keep hold of it.


I took this with the flash so you could see all the folds. Beautiful no?


Without the flash so you can see the fabric itself.


The back.


Different tags on it. It is not a 22 1/2 anymore. More like a small 16 or large 14.

I was organizing my vanity and I found this dress folded up in tissue paper in a drawer (I store it properly rolled in acid/free tissue paper to prevent it from staining, getting dusty/dirty and from ripping). I had completely forgotten that I never posted it here so decided to take that opportunity.

*Note for above: Yes I had the option to go to 3 proms but went stag for the 2 years. I went to high school in a very small town – only 32 people in my graduating class and most classes had about 25 or less. And its in the middle of nowhere. So what they do for prom is the Juniors host – pay for, decorate and arrange – prom. The Junior parents cook dinner and its served on school grounds – in the decorated gym – by sophomore waiters/waitresses. Then the sophomores, along with the Juniors and Seniors (who the prom is being held for) go to the dance in the neighboring auditorium. The parents clean up the dinner area and set up the after prom while the dance is on going. Its more or less what  a lot of remote small towns do – still.


3 thoughts on “My Vintage Gloria Swanson Dress

  1. Carpool Cookie says:

    But what does it look like ON?

    Can you get a teenage neighbor into it and take a pic?

    Gloria Swanson designed some really good clothes, but I can’t tell what that one looks like without someone in it : (


  2. Missy says:

    Oh I agree…it does look fabulous on. Unfortunately I don’t actually know anyone that this would fit. I’ll have to figure something out.


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