Did a little shopping…

When I moved this last month I stupidly forgot something – my baking/pizza stone in my oven. Yeah I checked all other drawers, cupboards, closets several times but the oven? Nope. I totally forgot about it.

Besides loving to bake bread (or pizza or anything else) on a stone I also find it regulates temperatures very nicely on regular baking pans. My new oven has a rather bad hot spot in it. This will not do. So I set out (online) to find the perfect pizza/baking stone. I had a few criteria:

  • square – I had a round one and hated baking bread on it
  • large – my last one only filled about half the oven I wanted more space
  • built in feet – my last one didn’t have this, just a metal rack to put the stone on, and I *hated* it. Was always afraid I’d drop the stone.
  • Be easy to get – local – if I could – just to avoid shipping fees and possible breakage.

I found the stone that met all this at Williams-Sonoma. So off I went to get, or at least look at, this stone.


I did end up walking out of there with it along with some Fleur de Sel – my sister’s favorite salt as it finishes dishes SO nicely!


Now Omaha’s only Williams-Sonoma is also in the “ritzy” mall. You’ve got Borsheim’s (a Warren Buffett/Berkshire Hathaway jewelry store much loved in the area), Pottery Barn, White House Black Market, etc. all within the same mall. There also happens to be Anthropologie as well – a store I have spent more money in than I would like to admit to. Anyhow since I was already there I checked out Anthropologie as well. And found that these had been clearanced to just $2 each:


Most of the numbers were gone but a few remained to select from. So I brought home a couple for my desk stuff (or whatever I deem fit I guess) and a couple for my kitchen. I decided to put my new Fleur de Sel in my salt cellar and put my regular kosher sea salt in one of these to cook with. I’ve been falling more and more in love with salt the last few years – ever since I’ve been able to find more than just plain iodized table salt. Having several jars to store them in, grab from when cooking and using is very very nice indeed!

Anyhow they also happened to have these rather cool pens:


It comes with refills (basically just very short ball point refills) and was on clearance for only $8. Not bad at all, more so since I was just thinking about buying one of these – and had been looking them up online just yesterday. All in all not a bad shopping trip.