Look what I got…


So UPS comes and I get this:


My Nook!

I immediately unpacked it, set it to charge and linked it to my Barnes and Noble account. I’d been downloading samples of books I’ve wanted to read as well as tons and tons of free books for when this baby arrived. And so far I’m in LOVE! Major massive love!

The screen is clear – looks just like words on a page in a book. And it loads faster than I anticipated. See I heard from a few people (I won’t name names) that its slow and cumbersome. Some of that is true…but its probably just me. Since I have an iPhone I keep trying to grab the data on the top part of the screen when only the bottom part is touch. It’s also slower than my iPhone to respond to a touch. But honestly, over all not bad at all. About the same speed as turning a page in a book.

My only problem is I keep trying to flip the corner of it like I was reading a real book. LOL! With all this memory (its got 2 gb of internal and I put a 2 gb micro SD card in it ~ about 3,000 books or so) I love not having to lug stacks of books around. Very nice. And downloading free samples of books are great. I’ve already decided on a couple of books I thought might be great but really were duds after the first few pages.

Buy one…you will never regret it! And the iPhone apps are SO not the same as having the device. I think it’s because its a lot smaller and backlite which seriously hurts my eyes. The ink e-reading on the Nook is just amazing…like reading a book!