Introducing the Nook

I caved. Totally and completely caved. I bought a Nook.

My income tax refund was slightly larger than I expected so I had the money. Besides that I had been considering buying an e-reader for some time. I think it will save me a bunch of money in the long run. I currently spend upwards of $100 on books a month. Sometimes more. And I get the luxury of not having to haul around a stack of books (I read more than one at a time). I also picked it because it was in color, has a touch screen, has a micro SD slot (more memory yeah!) and is NOT back-lit (the reason I didn’t wait for the iPad – back-lighting gives me headaches when used too long).

Its not going to ship until Feb 12 but I will let y’all know what I think after I have some time to play with it. I’m super excited for my super expensive “book”.