Good-bye Iowa

Well the move is now officially complete. As of midnight tonight I no longer have an address in Iowa.


I liked being an Iowegian. Granted I tried to vote out my Senator – Tom Harkin – while I was addressed there; the man sends condescending letters stating basically he appreciates your opinion but doesn’t care. Anyhow I liked my government (exception being the last couple of years). I liked that Iowa agrees with gay marriage – it really is a very progressive state in general. Some of the best people in the world are Iowegians. No really, they are. I really liked living in Iowa. The exception being paying state taxes in 2 states (this is my last year filing for all that mess yeah!).

Now I live in Nebraska. So besides the fact that I was born here in Omaha, graduated high school here, I am not sure I like being a Nebraskan. Nothing wrong with it of course. But this state seriously has some messed up issues.

For starters the Senators and Representatives are very conservative, even the Democrats (here’s looking at you Ben Nelson). Just like the people. But they also have a constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage – something I am very much against. I figure that marriage should ONLY be a civil contract with the government – you wanna get married in a church? Great. Not legal in my opinion. Give everyone the right to get married, gay, heterosexual or whatever.

Anyway I digress. Nebraska also uses a one house government system – which I honestly thinks prevents a lot of issues from getting presented and passed into law. And since I now live in Omaha I also have a wheel tax ($25) to pay on my vehicle besides registering my car (more expensive) and getting a new (more expensive again) driver’s license.

While Omaha will always remain home (most of my family lives here besides) I dunno if I love it as much as I loved living in Iowa.

This is a whole new game for me.