A Productive Weekend

More or less anyway. I didn’t get all done that I wanted to but I did get plenty done.

I now have a completely empty china hutch (except for all the scrapbook supplies in the lower part, most of which will not be packed since they are in drawers), a completely empty bookcase (all books in the entire apartment are packed actually-except for a few I want to read in the next few weeks), a sorted clothes closet and dresser (donations!) and a completely empty linen closet except for my cleaning supplies and the cat carrier. This means I have a very large stack of boxes in my living room. And next to that a very large pile of things to donate to the local thrift store.

The reason I had to stop packing anything up was because of these piles. I have no where else to put things until I get rid of the donate pile. Tuesday, I hope, I will get my other 2 closets done after clearing out that pile. Yep my little 1 bedroom apartment has 5 walk in closets. Only one of those is in my bedroom and another is in the kitchen (more like a pantry really). The rest are storage closets in the hall or off the living room.

I was going to donate today and keep at it but I was just finishing up reading “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and I *really* wanted to finish it. A rather good book I didn’t read til now. Since we haven’t actually gotten a new place to move into on February 1 (appointment tomorrow! cross your fingers!) I still have plenty of time to get everything done. I’m just anal and like to get as much done as I can! I am getting rid of LOTS of things (I hate useless clutter) and I need this time to sort it all out. I honestly dread going into one closet – its where I keep that awful “box collection”. I’m not sure what might in that mess of cardboard boxes to be honest.

I did take pictures along the way…and I’ll post them at some point.