Grocery List

I’m rather anal about lists. I make lists for everything all the time. Doesn’t matter what it is I need to do, I make a list for it. When I get overwhelmed at work or in life I make a list tackling what needs to be done in what order. It helps straighten me out, calm me down. Its a big weakness and positive all in one I guess.

Featured on Design*Sponge today was a cute little grocery list – with colorful clipboard to boot! I’m thinking this might be right up my alley of projects to complete. Ya know. At a future date. ‘Cause I’m like that sometimes.

Currently I just make lists in a notebook. I tried several apps in my iPhone but haven’t found one I liked. I really have to see the meal planned along with all the items I might need to buy for that meal AND anything else I need to buy. I have 2 magnetic (on the fridge) pads serving this purpose currently. I use neither one. I don’t like the format on the meals one and the shopping list doesn’t encompass a lot of what I buy. Time for a new system I think…and a cute clipboard too!