Barnes & Noble E-reader aka Nook

I am seriously considering buying a Nook from Barnes & Noble for a lot of reasons:

  • I seriously spend too much money on books some months.
  • Unless I toss some of my beloved classics or buy another bookcase I have ZERO room for any more books.
  • I usually am reading 2 or 3 books at a time, and when I go to work and read on my breaks I bring all of them with me…so much space.
  • I would like to bring this to work. If I see or hear or am told about a book then I can just download the sample and check it out.
  • Samples! Yes it allows to download samples of books to see if you want to buy the whole thing.
  • Amazingly easy to bring with me wherever I go. Not that a book isn’t. But I always loose my bookmarks and end up having to find where I was before I can even start reading.
  • It’s the future. Lame reason I know. But they sure are cool!

In considering whether I would go with Nook or Kindle (Amazon’s eReader) I took into account:

  • Color and Touch Screen on the Nook. Kindle does not have either of those.
  • Lending a book to a friend (Nook). Again something else Kindle doesn’t have.
  • Prices are the same on both it seems.

So in making this decision I downloaded the computer version of their eReader as well as the reader for the iPhone. I also downloaded every free book I could find that I would actually read or own so I could test it all out. I have previously tested Kindle on my iPhone and I did not like it. I really don’t want to waste a bunch of money if I won’t use it.

I’ll let you know how it goes.