I Lament my Size

I am a fat chick. I am also a very tall chick. I have been all my life.

Take for instance my shoe size. I wear size 12 – wide, sometimes I have to get a 13 like in boots or mules. I can’t wear anything at Forever21 or DSW. I can’t buy designer shoes or even department shoe stores. Matter of fact most of my shoes come from Payless. Yep. Payless. I don’t have much choice. I have gotten a few pairs from Torrid, but most of their stuff is smaller than a 12. And they rarely carry my size in the local store so I end up buying online. I could get some at Zappos. But really I like to, and have to, try on shoes before I buy them. Doing the whole return thing with them would be a big pain. So every time I see someplace I can’t buy shoes in I just get sad. I am not that weird!! A lot of people wear size 12s. Why does this have to be hard for me?

Combined with my shoe woes are tall plus size woes. I am a chubby chick but worse than that is my height. For some reason clothing makers seem to think all chubby chicks are 5’7″ or shorter. I have a HELL of a time finding tall anything. I have a 34 to 36 inch inseam…and standard is 30 or 32. And forget about long sleeve shirts – I don’t even own a single one. Nothing will reach all the way to my wrist. Not even at Lane Bryant or Avenue. Luckily there are things I can wear at both stores – just not long sleeve shirts or long jeans.

I have just a few select stores I know where I can get things. As for designer anything – forget it. As for most places in the mall or even most plus size stores – forget it.

Just plain sucks. I wish clothing manufacturers would wake up and realize there chubby tall chicks with big feet, just like there are of any and every size on the scale. Just more selection please!