Gifts I Gave & Got

I love Christmas. I *adore* giving presents and I love getting something that someone actually thought I would like.

I had a couple of Christmas celebrations this year so I waited to post this until everything was complete!

Gifts I Gave:

For the boyfriend one thing I got him was a poster of his main Warcraft toon:


Also one for myself of my main toon (link). I ordered the 12 by 18 size with the purpose of cutting down to fit into a 10 by 13 frame. Worked beautifully. And these posters were such amazing quality. Like photo paper with rich colors. Worth every penny!

I also got him a wireless USB headset with microphone (this). He loves it! I love it! I’m planning on using some Christmas money to get one for myself.

And in an attempt to get the boyfriend organized I bought him a charging station. It came with a surge protector for 3 devices and plenty of space to plunk down his keys and wallet. I hope he uses it.

For my sister I gave her a nearly empty Tastebook (Tastebook’s gift guides).


I added just a few of my recipes so she would stop calling me to ask the temp to cook something at, or what ingredients go in what. Now no excuses! This book is BEAUTIFUL by the way. I mean drop dead, mouth hanging open, FANTASTIC! It is professionally printed…and looks every bit EXACTLY like it does on the website.


I suggest – NAY COMMAND!!! – you to order one NOW! You will never regret it! I showed mine (yes I ordered one at the same time too just to save on shipping) to everyone I know and nearly everyone wanted one. Really. I will be making more. Ideally I would be able to convince my extended family to create one of family recipes and photos. Maybe August at the family reunion…

My mother gave me a gift certificate for Tastebook as well so I’m going to get another one or two…just haven’t decided on what format (what recipes) need to be in it.

Oh and it comes packaged in its own little envelope!


And of course we can’t forget my vanilla and vanilla sugar. I handed these out over the last few weeks here and there to people (starting at Thanksgiving) so they could use them to cook cookies and the like for the holidays.


Turned out beautiful yes?

There are some other odds and ends that I gave out. Toys for the nephews, a few books for those interested, Warcraft t-shirts from Jinx for both the boyfriend and the brother-in-law (also a WoW player), those coffee mugs that are not a paper cup as well as chalkboard stickers to a few that I thought might really like them. All and all I thought I did ok this year.

Gifts I Got:

The boyfriend gave me an amazing gift this year – a 40″ 1080p LCD HDTV! He gave me a budget and told me to find what I wanted. After a lot of research, visiting/viewing the screens (for image color, quality, etc) as well as factoring how much size I wanted I picked this from Best Buy:


Damn good gift giver. Sadly it is going to live with him in its box until we move in together in a few weeks. I don’t want to mess with it ’til then. But I did check to make sure it worked and its pixels are ok (no burned out ones, etc). Very nice!

The boyfriend gave me this little guy too:


He likes turtles. I like turtles. This guy now is on a chain (has a tail that makes a gem circle to hang down) around my neck. Isn’t he cute?!

And my boyfriends parents got me these!


Yes I did squee once I actually saw them. And oh boy do they cook like a dream! I have a nice set but non stick. These I definitely like MUCHO!

I was in on the gift exchange with the boyfriend’s family and my Secret Santa gave me a book by the Cake DoctorThe Cake Mix Doctor Returns! and a Target gift card. Something I already spent – of course – on these…


If you look close you’ll notice a sticker on it for a reduced price – Repackaged – it says. The box was taped together rather badly on one side. But everything was there and in perfect working order, for $15 less than the sale price. Mine. They are straight edge and nicely balanced too. I have a rather nice set of knives I spent money on last year at this time. Except they have serrated edges – which means nearly everything I cut I cut at an angle. I hate them. Sure nice and sharp…but I can’t even chop onions decently. So time to move on and get a better set. This has a sharpening stone as well steak knives, scissors, paring, bread, tomato, Santoku (Western style), chef’s and chopping knives. I am very happy with them. Not Henckels granted, but still a nice decent set of knives.


Now this little thing is a digital video camera. I took some test video in low light to see what it would like (here on YouTube). I dunno yet. Not much different than the video on my iPhone honestly (my other YouTube videos here and here were taken using my phone).

And I take back what I said about not owning a Julia Child cookbook. This is from 1979 and still has the museum sticker on it. I haven’t looked at it yet in depth, but I will later this week.

All this aside from the usual cash, gift cards, etc.