My New Warcraft Shinies

I recently was able to get some new gear for my mage that I was truly surprised by. Well at least 1, the other I earned.

First the Battered Hilt dropped the night of patch 3.3 . I had ZERO idea what it was, but everyone rolled need so I did too. I won it with a 100 roll. RNG never loves me like that. So I set out to find what I had. A week later (I had to work and didn’t have time to do the 5 mans needed to complete the quest chain) I had my Quel’Delar – well Lens of the Mind actually. Pretty spiffy looking sword eh?

And tonight I was able to get my first item with Emblems of FrostVolde’s Cloak of the Night Sky. Yet another spiffy item no? Since I was wearing Disguise of the Kumiho and everything else was tier 9 or equal (besides my terrible RNG luck with trinkets) I knew this would be the first upgrade. Nice spell power!!

Now I must wait and keep earning more emblems. Since tier 10 starts out at crazy prices (and I don’t raid – not by choice) its going to be a bit. I can only get 2 emblems a day and 5 a week if I somehow manage to get into a weekly raid. Its going to be slow going that’s for sure. I wish I could just get better trinkets. But without getting into a raiding guild that’s impossible.

Now to level up my priest to 80 – currently nearly 27. Gonna take some time for sure. But I healed my first 5 man the other night and LOVED it! Can’t wait to get to 40 to have an actual healing spec (leveling her shadow of course) and do some major healing down the road.