Tuesday Night Thrift Store Shopping

Yep, it is Tuesday so I got to check out the thrift stores again tonight. I love that the boyfriend lives so close to my favorite one that I am able to drive past it on my way home on Tuesday evenings. Anyway…tonight held some beautiful furniture! And I even bought one of them!

*as always sorry about the quality of pics…used my iPhone again*


I did buy this one – only $10. I’m positive its a record storage bookcase. I’ve been looking for something for my DVD/Blu-Ray storage and this is perfect I think. Not sure how I am going to make it work but I will keep you updated! It is without a doubt going to be painted black though. Gotta match my other stuff and the finish isn’t that good.

Now on to the stuff I *didn’t* buy!


Isn’t this a fantastic curio cabinet?


A stunning record player, yes?


If I was brave – or not as lazy as I am – I would totally buy this and clean it out to make an amazing cabinet for DVD storage…but I’m too lazy. Sad I know.

And last but not least this table…I really really wish it was in better shape than it is. It probably used to be a great table, leather top and all.



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