Marth Stewart Christmas Ideas

So I’m cruising around Martha today as I am in the mood for Christmas. Worse I am going to wrap all my presents later. I only have 1 left to buy for 1 person, all of the rest of my list is done entirely. Even my 7 and 2 year old nephews! Next up: holiday baking!

It was the fact that I am going to wrap everything tonight that drug my attention to an article on Martha – Gift Wraps, Tags and Bows. So many creative ideas! I mean really…

(give each a second to fully load – it will load slide 1 first then skip ahead to the appropriate slide)

Maybe you don’t know what your going to give yet? Some creative gift solutions should help. Or if your not interested in wrapping presents then making easy Christmas crafts will tide you over. I’m not one for holiday crafts usually…generally I prefer cooking and baking. And that is why I was on Martha Stewart in the first place. I haven’t decided what to do or how to present it yet. Let me get back to you in a few days ok? Until then I have presents to wrap.

Oh. And of course…having too much stress during the holidays? There are even suggestions for that.  One includes stocking up on universal presents. Something I *tried* to do with the vanilla I made. If I don’t end up giving it all away I *WILL* use it at some point.