Bento #95: Steak and Veggies

PhotobucketI haven’t posted a Bento in nearly a year. No really. A year. I’ve been taking them to work from time to time, just never posted them.

But this recipe was too good not to share.

It’s from January’s Glamour. Yes, yes. I have a subscription to Glamour. Its not by choice. I had just bought a subscription to Domino when it went under. I only got 1 magazine. They converted my subscription over to Glamour after that. Its a fine magazine. Just nothing I ever would have subscribed to on my own.

Anyway page 133 and Eva Longoria Parker had recipes of her’s printed. This was one of them. Her directions say to chili powder, something I didn’t do. Mine had Bankok spice in it. It’s a spice mixture from Penzey’s Spices that includes ancho chili peppers, garlic, ginger, Tellicherry black pepper, galangal, crushed red peppers, lemon grass, cayenne, paprika, basil and cilantro. Very very yummy and better than chili powder any day.

Season a steak (use anything your going to cut up – I used a Flat Iron cut) with salt, pepper and chili powder (or Bankok). Cook as desired. Let rest and slice into slices.

For the salad beneath I diced up a bunch of small tomatoes and a red onion. Then tossed in some frozen corn. I seasoned with salt, pepper and more Bankok. Her recipe also states to add 1 tsp of diced jalapenos, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp balsamic vinegar. I choose not to as I wasn’t in the mood.

Boy was this good! I’m going to have to repeat this in the future!