What’s in your Bag?

I am fascinated by these types of photos or videos. I don’t know why. Maybe its cause I am snoopy. Maybe its because I wonder if I am normal. Who knows. Either way. I decided to do one when I saw that Jessica at What I Wore just posted one.


Currently I’m carrying a red “suede” bucket bag I bought at Target last year. I’ve also got my wrist braces in my bag right now as my wrists are killing me BIG TIME (never been diagnosed with anything). So just in case they hurt I can slip them on. Next to those are my pain meds – migraine and Tylenol. Migraine as I get terrible headaches (and migraines) and the Tylenol for muscle and wrist pain, well, and everything else too.

Below that are extra hair ties and a brand new lint roller that I haven’t had time to use yet. The black velvet bag holds a back up battery supply with multiple tips so I can charge my phone, my Nintendo DS, the boyfriend’s GPS, and a few other electronic devices. Next up Sharpie pens, Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion, waterless hand cleaner and my hairbrush.

And then my beloved iPhone. I love this thing…and I use it WAY too much, hence the need for battery back-up just in case. My bag of goodies is next – things like band-aids, tampons, eyeglass screwdriver, small sewing kit, super glue, etc. The stuff you always need in case of an emergency. My wallet is that pink lizard skin thing and the black case at the bottom belongs to my digital camera which I almost always carry with me.