My Tuesday night Thrift Storing

Yet another week when I get to go thrift storing as the boyfriend does raiding (Warcraft) on Tuesday nights. And I happened upon 2 pieces that are just LOVELY!


This beauty was only $15 too! It came up to my nose (I’m 6’1″) so the height was an issue. Also no glass…more to dust IMO. But its really light. If I wasn’t in love with my large, heavy, glass front, late 40s/early 50s cabinet I would have bought this one.


This dresser was just BEAUTIFUL. I *WANTED* it so much! It matches my night stands perfectly…as opposed to the 1920s Waterfall dresser I do have. But it was massively large (came up to the middle of my chest) and since I don’t own a truck or know anyone locally who does I would have had no way of getting it home. $30 too I might add. Oh well. I hope it goes to a good home!