Review of Purchase: Chalkboard Sticker

Last week I posted a few links for Christmas presents…well I got one in the mail that backfired. Big time. So I’m warning you if you do decide to buy it.

Its this great (in theory) chalkboard/blackboard sticker (the rectangle one and the oval one). In theory you can stick it to anything and its removable and repositionable. Not really. Right on the product itself it warns: “stickers are not easily removed from certain metal or plastic surfaces”. Turns out wood and glass are also an issue. Oh and it rips easily.

I rent my apartment. I did not want to stick something to a wall to have to peel it up in a few months anyway. I’m also big on frames in general. I really like them. So I had a brilliant idea to stick my chalkboard sticker (the rectangle one) onto the outside glass of a poster frame (16 by 20 is just slightly larger). Inside the frame, around the edges of the chalkboard, I would decorate or have decorated paper. Easy, simple and I can take it with me.

While putting the sticker on the glass, however, a bubble formed. And I was very careful too. So I started to peel it back up slowly to try to get the bubble out. I ripped a corner off. Tore very easily. So I stuck the corner on my wood desk to try to get the rest up thinking I could just put it back in place, more or less no one would be wiser. Or at the very least I could cover the tear. The bubble came out and I reached for the corner. It had stuck to my wood desk and I ripped it trying to get it off! Sigh. I now have a rather ugly corner to disguise. I’m just glad I didn’t rip into the “surface” area in the center so its still very usable. Just be very very careful where you stick this thing! And I would NOT put it on paint at all. Bad idea! It will probably pull it up.

Now as for what’s its actually good for – being a chalkboard – its great. Works well, does what its supposed to and does look very nice and unusual. Just be careful with it!