Keep Calm & Carry On

PhotobucketEvery person I know has this poster. Its way too popular and gotten to the point of decorating over-saturation.

So says the chick that bought one and matted it in a professional frame. Yeah. That’s me. It hangs in my very red living room. *hangs head in shame* Ok, maybe not. I really like this poster. I really do. And its got a great history too! That’s actually the reason I really like it. I am a big history buff. And every time I look at it I think about World War 2 and London, not the message. Though that’s nice too.

One of my favorite bloggers – an organization blogger – just posted about this very poster. And she actually posted links to things I had no idea even existed! Like computer wallpaper in multiple colors of this phrase and several like itGet Excited and Make Things, Now Panic and Freak Out, and Keep Spending and Stay in Debt. Since Christmas is coming and I’ve been in a cooking, crafting and organization mood lately I immediately changed mine to the Get Excited and Make Things one.

So go at it and download new wallpaper for yourself!