2 Week Update on Vanilla Extract

So remember this from two weeks ago? This is what they look like now:


Not bad eh? Very rich and dark. And oh, the smell! So rich and vanilla smelling. Just a couple more weeks to go.

And today from the lovely UPS guy I received my order of 4 ounce brown bottles to package them in along with the plastic brown jars for the vanilla sugar.


(I forgot to take a photo before I pulled all the packaging paper out of the box so I shoved it back in best I could remember and took a picture then – it really was packaged a lot better then this – no worries. No reason for anything to ever break from Specialty Bottle!)

The vanilla sugar was packaged up today so that I can make even more vanilla sugar to cook with this holiday season. It just needs to sit with the bean for a week before it takes on this amazing vanilla smell and taste. I did add a little of each bean to each jar so that my recipients can continue to make their own vanilla sugar.


The Vanilla bottles themselves have also been labeled:


I can’t wait to cook with my vanilla! It already smells so very good!

Should you want to do this yet for the holidays you have time – it only needs a month. By my calculations each “set” of vanilla will have cost approximately $6. Not bad for a gift I can just keep storing until I need to give it away.