Letting Go of a Hobby

What interesting timing I have. Just this morning (very very early this morning or late last night whichever) I was writing about my need to ditch some of my dead hobbies. And today on Unclutterer is more about getting rid of your dead hobbies.

My problem of course, is that I think the world is an interesting place. I enjoy seeing so many parts of it. This breeds collecting. And boy do I have some hobbies! Which include:

  • Book collecting – I love to read and I love having my favorites at my fingertips. And frankly the libraries around here do *not* have a lot of what I have in my collection. No way am I getting rid of some of them. Mainly I collect classical fiction books and vintage cookbooks.
  • Coin collecting – just international currency as I love being able to “travel” through it
  • Postcard collecting – same reason as the coins. I started both of these collections when I was 12 and wanted to travel more.
  • Pin/Button/Flair collecting – I think they are cute and funny. All of the ones I do have are on a corkboard hanging in my hall for all to admire.
  • 80s doll collection – Cabbage Patch Kids and My Childs. This is a defunct hobby but I spent A LOT of time and money tracking down these dolls. Some of the My Childs were bought in Australia or Europe and were shipped over. And I spent even more money restoring all of these dolls. Not to mention I do still think they are cute!
  • Miniatures/Dollhouse – I have a thing for miniatures, probably an obsession left over from my childhood. Mostly its just expensive. And a space stealer.
  • Scrapbooking – I still do it from time to time. I’m not into it as much as a few years ago though and really need to weed through my craft items and get rid of some of it.
  • Papermaking – something I typically only do when making gifts for people. I really enjoy it (no matter how messy it gets) and already have everything except the paper scraps or pulp, and those are both easy to find and cheap.
  • Crafts in general – I still have some basic craft supplies that I really need to be rid of. Yarn, cloth, etc. Nothing overly useful for anything really.
  • Photography – I am a big time amateur. I typically take hundreds before finding just one that I like.
  • World of Warcraft – Other than being a time sink there isn’t much to worry about here. Its only $15 a month besides the computer, which I would have anyway.
  • Cooking – yes this is a hobby for me. I enjoy reading recipe books, figuring out just the thing to try and experimenting. It also means I have loads and loads of cooking supplies, exotic foods, extra mixing bowls, spoons, etc.
  • Bento – I dunno if this is a hobby really or not. I used to take my lunch to work all time in a bento, but have gotten very lazy about it. What that means is I have tons of plastic containers as well as all the little things to use with them taking up space in my kitchen. But since I no longer have a cheap online source for these items I really, really, really do *NOT* want to get rid of any of them until I am 1000% sure. I spent hundreds on these boxes, containers, and silverware. I’m not about to do it all again if I decide I want to bento again.
  • Shopping – I do think this can be a hobby. Especially when you vintage/thrift store shop like I do. I tend to buy very little but sometimes I find a vintage chair I really wish I could bring home but alas, do not have the space for.

In short – maybe I have too many hobbies and its time to cull some.


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