45 Days til Christmas

I am one of those people that plans for the holidays, at least weeks but sometimes months, in advance. Halloween is by and large my favorite holiday. Always has been. Christmas is a very close second. And its definitely not the gifts for me. Its my ability to find a gift so unique that the person getting it had no idea they even wanted that item and is already in love it upon opening. And that’s not easy to do. Its takes a lot of wasted online time searching websites for the strangest gifts. A few years ago I bought what I still consider my best gift-giving ever: a marshmallow gun to my stepfather. Lovely man, wicked sense of humor! I knew that he would love it, and I was right. He does love it. Uses it to shoot marshmallows at my mother or at the dogs for them to “fetch”. Gave that to him 2years ago and he still plays with it on a daily basis. Best gift ever and so simple. But it did take A LOT of wasted time to find.

Well I am on that hunt again this year. This past weekend I spent many an hour just trying to find bizarre gifts. And boy did I find them! I can post a few of the items I enjoyed finding, I’m just not saying what I actually bought for gifts!

First up I did buy this 5 year diary not as a gift, oh no, but as something for myself. I wanted to make sure I had it by Jan 1 to start it on time as I am a devout diary keeper, have been since I was just a wee child. I figure now is the perfect time, more so since I started really using this blog again, to come up with a different format for my diary. I do use it mostly as reference and try to write down only important events and the like. This 5 year has just a few lines to do just that. Perfect. If it fails I can always go back to my previous method – a bound “notebook”.

Also from Modcloth I spotted these (the rectangle one and the oval one) – blackboard/chalkboard stickers. Completely removable chalkboards with ornate frames around the edges. Just amazing. I wonder if they do as promised?

From ThinkGeek.com its a WiFI hotspot – INTERACTIVE – t-shirt. Yep. This thing actually tells you the strength of a wifi signal where you are standing. Related to that is a guitar shirt and a drum set shirt, both of which you can actually play. Very cool. Just not sure about the whole battery pack thing.

And I fell in love with this vintagey perpetual wall calendar from Plasticland. Definitely not for me as my kitchen calendar still reads June on it – and its vintage advertising, something I LOVE. This is a cute calendar though.

And let’s not forget Fred Flare! I wish I could buy this gold key necklace for myself. Too bad its gold, I’m allergic to gold. But this bucket tote (especially this) and this strapped satchel both have my name all over them (HINT HINT to anyone reading who needs to buy ME something for Christmas!). I think the bacon wallet and the buttered toast wallet are cute as all get out, but I just bought the boyfriend a new (normal leather) wallet a few months ago. He doesn’t need it. But maybe my apartment needs the Charlie Brown Christmas tree…its just too funny. And my gross sense of humor just adores the chewing gum magnets. Bizarre. My mother needs this rooster kitchen timer though, her entire kitchen is decorated in roosters and she bought a new house.

I really think my sister needs a new jewelry box or stand. But with my nephews around (7 years and 2 years) they may not let her keep it organized. Though Urban Outfitters does have some exceptional bedding that I just know both her and my mother would love (me too for that matter!).

And last but certainly not least – Jinx. Jinx sells World of Warcraft stuff. A game, that besides myself, both my boyfriend and brother-in-law play. So I checked out the t-shirts to find something either or both would like. I’m afraid that I tossed in a few things for myself like a Mage button/flair as well Horde and Alliance flair too. Since I can’t hide these from the boyfriend he already knows I bought stuff from there, I’m just not sharing what I bought!

And come Black Friday I am going to do my, now yearly, tradition of shopping Amazon for all the best DVD deals. I have some fantastic TV show seasons because of their Black Friday specials. And I am hoping to add to it this year, as well as possibly filling in some relatives collections.

So find anything cool online lately?! Please share!