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Have you heard about The Guild? Its a web series about a group of online gamers. If you play Warcraft at all I’m sure you’ve heard of it – its been posted all over. Even if you haven’t its actually an interesting little web series. I recognize way too many stereotypes in it though. And I am way too familiar with most of the information presented. Who would have thought a year ago I’d be into Warcraft like I am now? I was always curious but never did it as no one had the patience to explain it to me. Thankfully I met someone patient enough to do that. Hell he still teaches me things in that game.

Anyway I digress. I’m a little hooked on The Guild right now. Its so easy to get wrapped up in! I even have one of my cell ringtones as their song – “Do You Wanna Date my Avatar?”. Its just plain sad that I’m switching out my boyfriend’s current ringtone for their song. More so since his current ringtone is a theme from Warcraft. Sigh. Its a nice hobby but can be a little all encompassing. As very clearing demonstrated in the web series – so go watch it all!!


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  1. Tiffany says:

    The Guild is very funny, you have to play an MMO to understand the humor of course. I played WoW for a bit but I just couldn’t get into it at all, I found it pretty to look at but just boring. I only play City of Heroes currently.


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