My Dollhouse

I always meant to post this last year when I was actually working on my dollhouse, but since this was a cooking blog at that time it just didn’t feel right. Since it is now just my personal blog its entirely appropriate. 🙂

At this time It still has no roof shingles (my sister wanted to help with those but she never had time) however all windows, the door and the stairs are in place. I do have some furniture, and more than what is pictured here. But the reality is this poor dollhouse lives in my closet. It’s just too big and I have no where to put it. Since I will be moving in awhile I am planning on getting rid of this massive house and getting a smaller 4 room one. Then again I may just put all of that on my Christmas list. Either way time for me to do something about this house.

This house took approximately a month of my spare time putting together, painting, wallpapering and installing everything. And it doesn’t even crown molding or electricity.


Laying out all the pieces to paint white before putting it together made things so much easier.


I went through SO MUCH painters tape keeping everything together as the glue dried.


Here you can see all the glory that it is after I wallpapered everything (scrapbook paper for the win), did all the touch ups, etc. The stairs are also in place as is that bottom left room – it has a piano, a couch, paintings and few other things.


I *LOVE* this bed. Love it, love it, love it! It makes me so happy! I could have bought a whole bedroom set for what this cost but I don’t care. The bathroom is wallpapered with origami paper. Going to have to try to recreate that in the new house as I love that paper!

I love the pool table but its going to be moved into a bar room set up I’d like to do in the future. The pink sewing room/craft room is disappearing entirely. Maybe a room box one day.


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