Changing Games: MMORPGs

I am thinking of jumping ship from World of Warcraft to Aion. I would have decided weeks ago if Aion had free trials but since they don’t (and don’t intend to for at least a year is seems) I’m stuck watching videos, reading comparisons (like this one especially) to WoW, and trying to get some idea if I want to shell out $50 for the game (which includes the first month).

Some problems I am noticing so far:

  • It seems that there is a 300 hour a month playtime limit. I do not know if I like this. Sure its 10 hours a day and I doubt I would ever exceed that (especially days where I actually have to WORK). I just don’t like limits. I had a hell of a time deciding if I wanted to go with an iPhone as it was going to be the 5,000 nights and weekend minutes (even though I average 700 N & W minutes a month). I just plain don’t like limits.
  • Its a big game. 16 gb. Warcraft takes up about the same space and that’s with 2 expansions.
  • Too linear. To level you really have only one choice unlike in WoW where you can just go somewhere else.
  • Lots of group play. Seems to even have to group to level. I hate this strongly. That’s been one of my main problems with WoW. I never get into groups.

Some things I think I like:

  • The classes – Templar (Paladins), Gladiator (Warriors), Assassin (Rogues), Ranger (Hunters but no pets), Sorcerer (Mages), Spiritmaster (Warlocks), Cleric (Priests) and Chanter (Druids). Not a bad assortment. And definitely goes back to that Dungeons and Dragons “thing” like all good fantasy games should!
  • The graphics. OMG the graphics! Beautiful! Have Warcraft beat all to hell no wonder its so big!
  • There are professions just like in WoW – Cooking, Handicrafting, Weapon Smithing, Armor Smithing, Sewing, and Alchemy. However the best part is that you can learn them all – you only get to be a master of 1.
  • Flight. Levels 10+ get their own wings (NO MOUNTS!). Very cool.

I’m intrigued by the world wide Player vs Player action. I already play on PVP servers in Warcraft so that’s not weird to me, just not sure how I feel about it in Aion, and without trying it I’m not sure I ever will.

All this aside. I dunno. I’ve read a lot of comparisions to Everquest. Let’s hope not. I never played that game and would rather kick kittens than do so (the horror stories my boyfriend has told me!).

In the end I probably will do nothing. I’m good at that!