One down…many more to go!

I happened to come across this idea and absolutely love it! Homemade vanilla extract (and a packaging idea as well). Fabulous no? So I bought a bunch of vanilla beans from Beanilla and am buying the vodka sometime in the next few days. I want to be able to just pop the beans in once they arrive as this will take upwards of a month to 2 months. With the remaining extra beans I’m going to make vanilla sugar as well.

I haven’t purchased the jars & bottles yet, hoping that I can find something cheap locally but just in case I don’t Specialty Bottle has the *perfect* containers for me (both for the vanilla and for the vanilla sugar). And extremely cheap (if you ignore the shipping charges otherwise just affordable).

And yes I am making extra to keep for myself as well as give away if needed. I get super super tired of running out of my good vanilla…so the best part of this is once you use a bit of the vanilla extract you just fill with vodka and produce more for “FREE”!

Christmas can not come soon enough!