Let me introduce my Blood Elf Mage

I totally forgot to post this here when it actually happened!

My lovely mage hit 80 about a month ago! She was SO neglected but has come back in a big way.

Karmatir Hits 80

See my mage was my very first ever toon (hence why she has my online moniker/handle of Karmatir). I thought ports were cool and I have always had a thing for magic. So with Brad’s help I picked the Blood Elf Mage. She had to be Horde and had to be on his server so that he could help me, etc. Not a bad deal. And I wanted pretty. Besides I thought the racial was kinda cool.

Anyhow I played her using the refer-a-friend bonus (3 times the experience when played together) and got her to 60 in less than a month (considering I played on Brad’s computer only on the weekends, not bad at all). I then bought my new computer and tried to play without my warrior tank protecting my squishy butt. So did not happen! Lots of tears and heartache later I quit playing the mage and started a hunter which I played ALONE…and enjoyed every minute of it. But I missed my mage. Really I did.

I leveled the hunter to 80, started a few other toons including a warlock who is any day now going to become a level 44 Alliance Gnome (as opposed to a Blood Elf) and a few assorted others. But when all prospects on my hunter dried up – just too many on the server, in guild, in Looking for Group. I decided to make the game a challenge again. So I picked up the one toon that I had a heck of a time with…and started playing her.

In not too short a time I decided to make her my main again. Got her to 80 and proceded to deck her out. Right now she is wearing 4 piece tier 9 and other than trinkets and a back piece I am very happy with her gear. Andf considering she hit 80 a month ago that’s not bad! Thank you very very much Brad (my boyfriend was the reason I got great gear and so fast too – he would run her through stuff when I was at work and made her her robes)!

I just wish I wasn’t being forced into playing Arcane for the DPS alone – I *really really* enjoy playing Fire! Blowing stuff up is awesome! Perhaps in 3.3 Fire will be redeemed again…let’s hope. As of right now though I am stubborn and have refused to go Arcane. But its looking like if I want to raid with my (and my boyfriend’s) guild I will have no choice but to switch specs. Sigh. I like to think Sorch is helping all the casters in the raid and I’m doing a great service by taking a personal hit in DPS. But I don’t think anyone else sees it that way.

Oh yes this was my achievement win a few weeks back:

Greedy Achievement

Nice eh?