World of Warcraft Dilemma

I have found myself with a couple of slight problems regarding this game.

*Skip this paragraph now if you don’t understand the game specifics* First the one problem that has little impact on anything at all and only makes sense to those that play – my mage is having a weapon issue. Isn’t she just beautiful?! No really! Tonight in raid I won a new off hand – Talisman of Heedless Sins. Very shiny and pretty! The problem? Once I hit 80 my boyfriend got me Titansteel Spellblade and my off hand was Ward of the Violet Citadel, one of my first badge purchases. I used these 2 for awhile before I managed to upgrade to Perdition and the staff is what I have been using since. With the major upgrade to my new offhand I can now actually switch back to the dagger or keep with the staff until I get a better dagger or sword. So what’s the difference? Not a lot. Spell power is about the same between the two, my Crit Chance is literally nearly identical (a difference of 0.08%) but my haste drops 100 from staff to dagger/off hand (still at 569 with those) and my hit goes through the roof with the dagger/off hand. Enough that I could get rid of at least 2 +20 hit gems and gem out those with +23 spell power instead. So what would you do?

Oh and yes I know I need better trinkets…but RNG hates me! 🙂

Anyhow moving on to the bigger problem. I’m not sure I like my guild anymore. They are nice guys, very much so. My boyfriend is an officer in said guild and I know all the officers rather well. They know who I am. And that is where the problems start. I fear I am viewed in the game as “the girlfriend”. Not a player in her own right but a shadow of the boyfriend. He gave me WoW for Christmas so perhaps so to some degree but *I* am still the one playing. And while I am not exceptional damage wise I do do average amounts of damage just fine. I don’t stand in fires, I don’t lead to wipes, and I do what I am told when and where I am told to do it. But I get ignored a lot by guild in general unless its an advantage to them somehow. I do not get to raid much – which I can’t blame them. I work on one of the 2 raid nights a week. Why take someone who will only be able to be there 50% of the time? Especially an average DPSer? All in all I don’t feel very comfortable with the guild and I can’t put my finger on why. I just have that constant nagging 2nd class citizen feeling in the back of my head.

So I’m not sure what to do. I enjoy playing with the boyfriend, that is one of the main reasons I play. But I am not enjoying the PUG side of my server (they can be HORRIBLY mean after I’ve already sat in LFG for an hour or more, not to mention the fail groups and groups that fall apart before they start) nor do I enjoy my guild.  Oh and the Battlegroup we are on has had some major changes lately and now Horde loses almost every battleground I have been in (not all but definitely a fair share)! Not to mention I honestly don’t know if I am a loyal Horde or not…I kinda like how female Draenei look. So I’m stuck deciding if its just a new guild I need, a new server or a faction transfer.

What to do. What to do. Hmmm.