Some of my Holiday Ideas

I’ve been throwing around the ideas lately…its really time to get my butt in gear for the holidays. I need to decide what I am doing and/or making for everyone. Some years I buy everything and just make a few cookies and the like. Other years I make several handmade gifts to go along with those cookies. I still haven’t decided which this year.

Now first off isn’t this idea from Archiver’s just cute?!


I think I may just have to package my cookies up differently this year. Most years I buy a cheap plastic plate from the dollar store, arrange the goodies and wrap it up in plastic cellophane. Maybe its time to spice it up. But definitely not with different cookies! I got too many compliments on last year’s cookie trays! I loved making those snowflake cookies last year and they also gotten eaten the fastest…so I need a better presentation that’s for sure.

And over at Casey’s Elegant Musings she posted a extremely wonderful idea using picture frames. Basically cut out scrapbook paper to back  a photo frame, past on a smaller picture (photo corners are optional but cool looking) and hang. So colorful, beautiful. And an interesting way for giving heritage photos their own “gallery”. Love it and I can think of a few photos and people who would love to have something like this.

Now as for homemade gifts. I dunno. That has always been the tricky part. I never know quite what to make for someone so that they will actually appreciate and use it. Sure I’ve made tons of stuff that no one likes or never uses. But frankly I just see that as a waste of time (hence why I give cookies as gifts for the Holidays – those always get eaten). So what oh what do I start on my list with?

Especially now that my oldest nephew turned 7 last week. He wants cash for his birthday. Sigh. Not that I object really…its just this is the same kid who begged for a scrapbook for Christmas one year (he was 4) and just thought mine were so neat. He wanted his own. Now its come down to cash. This is why I am trying to be careful with homemade gifts, not because they aren’t appreciated (they always are) but if they will actually get used. I don’t want to waste the time nor the energy making something for someone that gets shoved in a drawer.

I can’t knit. I can sew but rarely do. I don’t really scrapbook much anymore (except for vacations with the boyfriend). Heck I barely even cook or bake anymore as I’m never home! So what do I do? Yep. Time to get thinking about this that’s for sure!